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I don't know what is happening to me lately. I keep fighting with my mother about the clothes I wear and how I look verses how I want to look.

I'm so sick of it.

I just am scared to move, having CP and cancer and being in a manual wheelchair. Collapse )
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Blue Jays

Hello! =) ^^ (whichever you like)

Name or Alias: Sydney
-Native Language: English
-Language Being Studied: Japanese/Mandarin Chinese
-Ability in Language Being Studied: Almost Fluent in Japanese/Not very good in Mandarin
-Gender: F
-Age: 22
-A little about yourself: I like snakes and classical mythology. I enjoy school. I have stage four cancer, which affects my memory, thus the not being well versed in Mandarin. It was discovered my sophomore year of college.
Preferred Communication Method: Email, then snail mail if that is OK with you, dear Reader.
-Contact info:

=) ^^

(I accidentally put this in MY Journal...)
Blue Jays


I'm very much depressed.

I really don't know what to choose for my birthday. I haven't updated my I've site...

Boogiepop Books

I'm looking for a good deal on the Boogiepop books in Japanese. (If anyone has a good deal, i'd like you to email me: So I'm looking on Yahoo! Auctions Japan.

Cooking and Cancer

I can't cook...period. So since my Mom has been sick, we haven't been eating much. I hate having a glioblastoma that is, according to the doctor, getting bigger on the MRI or my body's reaction to it.
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Blue Jays

Why me?

This lady came over, she represents Nikken, and she was trying to help me maybe get better from my cancer and she had some "routine things" that she was telling me about and my Mom came in. The woman, Anita, mentioned that I do not drink enough water (sighs) and (my Mom tells me this A LOT) was thinking that I needed a water bottle ($59) that filters water. After Anita left, my Mom jumped me (we were supposed to go to the fair) and said that I'd wouldn't do the routines and that "the woman came over with a bunch of expensive stuff (sighs) that Sydney won't do" and that "(my Mom) resents me!" (sniff sniff). I've been crying for an hour and thirteen minutes. (sighs)
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Blue Jays

GenCon Indy Karaoke Contest

At GenCon Indy (Indianapolis, IN), they are having a Japanese karaoke contest. (I did not see anything in the rules against this. Besides, this is a chance to show off your voice!) =)

Game Master Name(s): Sydney Bodem
Game ID: ANI00001
Title: Gen Con Indy Anime Karaoke Contest
Event Description: Wanna show off your anime karaoke skills for prizes? Wanna sing in a karaoke contest? Sing in the Gen Con Indy Anime Karaoke Contest '07 and reach for the stars!
Web site address for more information:
Event Type: ANI - Anime Activities
Event Duration (hours): 1.5
Event Start Date: 8/17/07 3:00 PM
Event End Date: 8/17/07 4:30 PM
Age Requirement: Everyone (6+)
Experience Required: Young Players (rules are taught)
Materials Provided: Yes
Event Cost: $0.00
Blue Jays

Money I Owe You


According to my notes...

Jessica F, Anna K, Michelle M, Kim S. = I have your money on the way!

Nikki - I do not have yours yet due to a error. =(

S. Luck owes me Kuronekosama plush = $5

Thank you!
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Blue Jays

Money to People

3" CD Singles - $11.25

x_chise_x - Jupiter FanBook = $5 + $2 = $7

inutsuzuki (AKA the Chibi) - Kuronekosama plush = $5 (Package?)

Michelle M - Andante (by Miho Obana, author of Kodocha) 1-3 = $2.50 is shipping/handling, so the total price for Andante paid with money order is going to be $5.50 (Package?)

Nikki - Sailor Moon poster = Shipping will be about $2 USD and the item is $3 USD making your total $5 USD

Kim S. - Sailor Moon books ($10) & ...lowest [shipping] is media mail at 4 days about $4.47 = $15 =)

Total: ? + $11.25 + $7 + $5.50 + $5 + $15 = $43.75
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